Monday, August 29, 2011

Japanese Side Part American Girl

Mattel started manufacturing Barbie in Japan in1959 through the Kokusai Boeki Kaisha Co.  But it wasn’t until 1961 when they released dolls and clothing in Japan.  The dolls did not sell well, so Mattel released exclusive Japanese versions of their dolls (Barbie, Midge, Skipper and Francie) as well as their clothing ensembles.  All of Barbie’s clothes were made in Japan and shipped to the United States, but there were some outfits that were made exclusive for Japan and never shipped out.  These items are very rare.
Pictured is the magnificence standard “pink skin” Japanese Side-Part American Girl.  She was made solely for the Japanese market in 1965 and sold only in Japan. She came standard on the “pink tone” Barbie/Midge straight-leg body (rather than the bendable leg body that the traditional American Girl Barbie dolls have).  But sometimes she can be found on the bend-leg body too.  Her hair is parted on the side with a turquoise ribbon headband.  These beauties came with blonde, ash blond or brunette hair color.  They came dressed in a turquoise and multi-striped swim suit, open toe heels and a wire stand.  Interestingly, sometimes she had painted finger nails and other times she didn’t! 
There were also Japanese “dressed dolls” available, that came in Japanese versions of Barbie’s ensembles, and these dolls (and boxes) are extremely rare.  These dolls are very hard to find and will command a huge price on the secondary market.
This standard girl sold today for $1901.00.
(Originally posted 07/13/2011)

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