Thursday, August 8, 2013

My Barbie Fashion Shop


1966 Christmas Morning
My Barbie Fashion Shop
 all wrapped up behind Me,
and my Barbie Keys to
Fame game in front of me.
Today I glanced over and saw my fashion shop, which brings back so many memories from my childhood.  It was one of my favorite Christmas presents.  I received it Christmas morning in 1966, which would make it 47 years this coming December!  Unfortunately I don’t have the original anymore, but I found myself another one years ago.

Front of the Box

This cardboard structure is everything girls dream about when playing Barbie; shopping, fashions, spending time with friends, and going to a fashion show. 

From the Outside Looking In

It comes with two walls  that include shelves, a stage with curtain and backstage door, a closet, and a large picture window that holds a Barbie size mannequin.  There’s a corner unit connecting the two walls that includes an outside window.
Invitations, Modeling Cards and Magazines
Free standing is a table, two chairs, three-way mirror, display case, 8 fashion card invitations, 8 modeling cards, and 3 cardboard magazines (Style Magazine, Sub Deb Fashions, and Barbie Magazine).  There is even a cardboard hat mannequin that fits in the outside corner window on which to display hats.

All Set Up!

The set included a sign announcing the fashion show and a 16 page instruction booklet. The yellow cardboard floor folds up and has a strap so the items can fit easily inside for storage, and also makes for a handy carrying case.  The set measures 38x24x17, and originally sold for $4.47.
Part of the Instructions Booklet
showing how to close it up for storage

The Fashion Shop was produced in 1963 (as stated on the back of the box) and was on the market for several years.  The 1964 Sears Christmas catalog calls it a Fashion Salon, probably because the front of the box reads “Complete with modeling salon and elegant furniture and fittings” just below the words “Barbie’s Fashion Shop by Mattel”.  The box front also shows Mattel’s famous slogan “You can Tell It’s Mattel…It’s Swell!”

1964 Sears Christmas Catalog

This great piece of American toy history is one of the more popular items for collectors.  I sure like mine!


  1. It is the fist time that I can watch this lovely Fashion Salon and I think it is just marvellous. I´m 47 years old and when¨I was a child in Spain we didn´t Know much about Barbie, we had others Spanish mannequins. You are very lucky for having this lovely salón. Kisses. Your blog and your website is fantastic.

  2. I don't blog but I have been looking on line for information on vintage Barbie Fashion Shop I found one in my mom's attic still in the box, How much do you think it is worth?

  3. Anonymous-depending on the condition of the one you found in your Mom's attic, I've seen them sell as high as a couple hundred. I think it all depends on who/where they are being sold. I've bought some of my vintage Barbie stuff for next to nothing at garage sales and flea markets only to see the exact same thing on Ebay for some outrageous price.

    1. Thanks for this info. I am just getting my Barbie House and Barbie Fashion Shop, Barbie (with bubble hairdo) and clothes ready to sell on ebay. This helps.

  4. Hello Marci, I have been searching for the fashion shop. If you have it for sale would you mind sending me the info Greatly appreciate your time, thanks. C.M.


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