Saturday, June 18, 2016

Dressed Box Japanese Market Dolls

I recently acquired a fun little Barbie item, a Dressed Bubblecut Barbie exclusively from the Japanese Market.   
1965 Dressed Bubblecut wearing Fashion Editor from Japanese Market 
These dolls are very difficult to identify, unless they are still in their original box.
The Japanese market dolls were packaged in normal western style clothing as well as a western style box, with only two additional stickers affixed to the box that the U.S. boxes did not include.   

Western Dressed Doll Box sold in Japan

The first sticker is found on the inside of the bottom box inside flap, where Barbie’s head would be positioned.  It is a white Tariff Stamp Sticker with black lettering. 
Tariff Stamp Sticker
Western Box without sticker and Japanese Market Box with Tariff Stamp Sticker
The 2nd sticker is a KB sticker found on the top outside end flap of the box which also has the fashion number of the dressed doll.  
KB Sticker on end flap box

Also in the box was a fashion booklet and stand.  The earlier dolls included a 2-piece black metal stand with plastic base with the lettering “Barbie” written on it.  The later ones had a gold one-piece wire stand.
A Japanese fashion booklet was also included with these dolls.  And I believe others may have included a western booklet.
There are also rare boxes that had these western dolls in packages that were very similar, but the photographs on the box were Japanese faced dolls rather than Western faced dolls.
Box Variation
There is very little written about these dolls, and I’m still learning, but they are certainly something to look further in to, and even to acquire! 
Let me know if you have any more information you want to share!
Happy Hunting!


  1. I always enjoy your posts and I enjoy learning new things about Barbie! What fun it has been to revisit my younger years and now I am in the process of trying to collect a few select vintage mod outfits. I can still remember my father returning from a work trip with a beautiful dark haired mod Barbie (With the pink checkered type bathing suit) It is amazing to think what that doll would now bring if it was still Mint in box! I no longer have that doll, but I do have two mod reproductions and one true vintage which I would identify as having brown hair.. This leads me to request! Could you inform what the hair colors were for the mod barbies? In other words were they specifically identified light or dark, etc.,? Thanks again and you have a great site!

    1. Thank you!

      To answer your question: The official names of the standard hair colors are: Sun Kissed (light blonde), Summer Sand (ash blond), Chocolate Bon Bon (dark brown) Go Go Co Co (Light Brown).

      Here is the link to the page on my site that has this information:

  2. Hi, I'm new to seeing this about r long lost Barbies. I left mine at my mom's house after I got married so future GRAND-DAUGHTERS could play with them. After many years my mom passed & while I was not around some family members cleaned out many items including only 2 items I requested & one was my platinum haired Barbie. I'll bet that gives my age away! I would loved to have passed it down to my GRAND-DAUGHTER. Anyway, have you ever seen that Barbie?

    1. Yes. Let me refer you to my website where you can read all about the Bubblecut Barbie dolls and see many photographs of them.

      I'm glad you got your doll back!


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