Questions and Comments By Users!

Welcome to Questions and Comments By Users!

I have moved my User Question Page from my web site to my Blog, to allow others to comment on questions as well as a much quicker response time from me! 

This is the place to ask a Barbie related question that you don't mind being shared with others, so they can jump in with responses too! 

You can always still email me for those private questions as you have done in the past.   


  1. Hello,
    I'm searching for a mint white ginger bubble cut barbie.
    Please email me at

  2. I believe I have a White Ginger with black stand, shoes, outfit, sunglass, but no box. The marking on her left butt cheek is #3. Also marked on her inner thigh is NV226. Do these markings help place the date or verify that it is a white ginger? Another site looked like the #3 could mean it is a 1960 doll??? She has pale pink lips, red nail polish, teal eye liner, hollow body, Japan on foot, blonde (somewhat oxidized). Says Barbie R Pats Pend 1958 (Roman Num) By Mattel Inc. Trying to positively identify this doll. Confused about the terms "Lucy Lips". Does pale pink lips equate to Bubble gum lips then if WG??

    1. Here's a link from my website with detailed information about the white Ginger. Also the term Lucy Lips refers to big red lips.

  3. Hello,
    I'm looking for information on the Living Eli dolls. What is the difference between Iki Iki Eli and Sun Sun Eli? The only Sun Sun I've seen online was sold on eBay and was identicial to Iki Iki.
    If you don't know, would you happen to have the name of a site or person who would help me out?
    Thanks very much, love your blog!

    1. The only information I have is what I have posted on my website. Here is the link to the Eli page. I hope this is helpful.



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