Monday, October 17, 2011

The Twist n' Turn Barbie, so amazing!

One of my favorite Barbie’s of all time is the TNT Barbie from 1967.  She was hip back then, and still looks amazing by today standards.  I spent endless hours playing with my chocolate bon bon beauty.  Mine was the trade-in version.  You know, the one with the one piece sexy fishnet swimsuit over the orange vinyl bikini!  Lose the fishnet suit and that girl would still get looks from the boys on the beach today.  Her long uneven hair is right in style with today’s fashionistas.  It’s so great when you witness rare beauties like the girl pictured here who received a big price on the secondary market.  A few weeks ago this 1967 blonde bombshell sold for $611.00.  And why the big price tag you ask?  It’s all about her hair.  Perfect Platinum! You see it from time to time, but not always in this fine of condition with an immaculate high color face.

I loved her wardrobe.  She’s a little like us today; tall boots, short funky dresses, and metallic whatever!  We have to have it!  Gold and silver metallic purses, belts and shoes, as well as dresses, tops and even pants are some of the must haves.  We all know Barbie has always made a fashion statement but this girl could appear today and would still be one!