Thursday, January 26, 2012

Look at what Tokidoki (Tattoo) Barbie is selling for now!

Have you checked out the price of the Tokidoki Barbie lately? 

This controversial gold label doll was released for $50.00 on October 13, 2011 with a limited edition of 7400 worldwide.  Simone Legno designed the doll.  It is now selling in the hundreds and sometimes even thousand dollar range. 
 If you need a refresher course about this doll, she came in a pink miniskirt, logo leggings, black top which featured a skull heart and bones design.  Her accessories included bracelets, a belt, tall silver heels and a large bag.  She had a pink bob haircut and held a leash that was attached to her cactus friend, Bastardino.  And finally, the reason she was so controversial: the tattoos she had all over her chest, back, and arms! 
 Are you thinking “I should have bought that girl?”  Probably, because I did!  But for most of us, collecting Barbie isn’t about the dollar value and what she’ll be worth someday; it’s all about how much joy our collection brings us!  But if you are curious, as I was, the highest price I see on eBay today is a signed, autographed doll for $1500.00.  The average price is around $500.00, with some sellers asking less and some asking more.