Saturday, October 20, 2012

My Barbie Display Cabinets

The months of waiting for my Barbie display cabinets to be built seemed like an eternity, but was certainly worth the wait!  I designed the cabinets exactly how I had envisioned them. First, I carefully measured my dolls and their boxes.  Next, I applied painters tape onto the wall, making sure I wasn’t going overboard in size.  Then I presented my drawing to my neighbor Jim (the guy who can make anything) for his input.  His only major change was two smaller cabinets side by side rather than one really large cabinet.  And then there was all the little stuff I didn’t think of! 

                                                                (Photo Removed)

Before, most of my dolls were displayed in a jamb-packed curio cabinet in an area of the house where I couldn’t enjoy looking at them nearly as often as I would like, and it didn’t showcase them like they deserved.  I moved my entire Barbie collection (well, the majority of it) to my home office, where I spend probably way too much of my time.  In my office I still have a couple large curio cabinets with my gifts sets, rare dolls, Skipper size dolls, furniture, and cars displayed. With the new “Shadow Box” style cabinets for my Barbie and Ken size dolls I am now set.  Of course I have other Barbie memorabilia on the walls and anywhere else I can make it fit without it looking cluttered.   With my office located just off the kitchen behind double French doors, there’s still a great view even from the kitchen! 
My museum quality collection had to have labels. So being the organized person I am, I made table tent cards.  I listed each doll by name and the year they debuted.   Next I put them in order by year, but at the same time keeping the Ponytails, Bubblecuts, etc. grouped together, which I think makes a more interesting display.  It also helps me find the dolls I want to see quickly or the ones I would like to sell and upgrade in a pinch.

My new display cabinets have made collecting Barbie’s just that much more fun! 

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