Monday, June 1, 2015

Barbie of the Month: Busy Francie

Part of the Busy Set of dolls, Busy Francie (stock #3313) was released in 1972. 
Busy Francie
She was available with only blonde hair, which was tied with a pretty lime green hair ribbon in the back.  She wore blue jeans matched with a lime green sleeveless top with a red belt that was worn over the top.  She finished her outfit with a pair of lime green square-closed chunky heels. 
Back of Busy Francie's hair

Busy Francie

Busy Francie’s packaging included five accessories that she could hold with her busy hands.  Busy hands are hands that can grasp items.  The set included a telephone, television, record player, soda set (brown tray with two glasses), and a travel case.  
Busy Francie's Accessories
Busy Francie's wrist tag and grasping hand
Also included was a clear plastic stand.  In addition to her busy hands she had a twist ‘n turn waist and bendable knees.  She is marked: © 1966 Mattel, Inc.  Hong Kong U.S. & Foreign Patented Other Pat's Pending.   
Back of the Box
Back of the Box
Francie, Barbie’s teenage cousin, was a strong presence in Barbieland from 1966 to 1976.  She wasn’t released again until 2011, except for three reproductions that were available in 1996, 1997 and 2005.  Beginning in 2011 several Silkstone Francie dolls debuted as well.  This popular doll changed with the times, and was always a popular addition to Mattel’s line of Barbie dolls.

Francie was 11 ¼ inches tall, which was a little bit shorter than Barbie who stood at 11 ½ inches tall.  She also had a less developed body shape than Barbie, which resulted in her own line of mod clothing. 

Busy Francie

There were seven Busy Barbie dolls made for the U.S. market.  Three could talk (Barbie, Ken, and Steffie), and four that did not (Barbie, Ken, Steffie, and Francie).   One additional Busy Barbie doll that was released at the same time was German Busy Francie (#3313), who was available only in Europe.  She had the same body, but a completely different head mold. 

Other Non-talking Busy Dolls: Barbie, Steffie and Ken

German Busy Francie (different head mold)

Busy Francie is difficult to find on the secondary market, and even harder to acquire in her original box. 

Busy Francie

Happy Hunting!

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