Sunday, November 1, 2015

Barbie of the Month: Beautiful Blues Gift Set

In 1967 the very rare and lovely #3033 Beautiful Blues set was released exclusively by Sears.

This magnificent set came with a twist ‘n turn Barbie doll that had long hair, with a portion pulled on up on top of her head and tied with a pretty orange hair ribbon.  She had real eye-lashes, and wore a two piece vinyl orange swim-suit with a one-piece fish-net swim-suit over it. 

The one significant difference between this doll and all the other twist ‘n turn dolls that were released in 1967 was the striking powder blue eye shadow that Barbie wore in the Beautiful Blues Set. But, if you look closely at the picture in the Sears catalog, you will notice that the doll pictured does not show her blue eye-shadow at all, which of course was an error in printing.

Barbie with blue eye-shadow

Sear Catalog

Barbie was available in all the same traditional hair colors as the original twist ‘n turn Barbie doll; sun kissed (light blonde), summer sand (ash blond), chocolate bon bon (dark brown), and go go co co (light brown).

The set came with the doll and a stunning ensemble.  The collection featured a blue sparkle one shoulder cocktail dress accented with a white satin bow with white satin trim, along with a beautiful matching blue satin coat trimmed with white fur.  Completing the set were matching blue closed toe heels, and a blue clutch purse.  There was a plastic ‘X’ stand and little blue hanger included as well.

Originally this amazing 7-piece set sold for $5.97, but currently this highly sought after set on the secondary market commands hundreds of dollars to purchase.

Happy Hunting!