Thursday, April 7, 2016

Barbie of the Month: Skooter Cut ’n Button Costumes

In 1966 the Sears exclusive #1036 Skooter Cut 'n Button Costumes set was released.  It’s the only gift set that was ever made specifically for Skooter.

#1036 Skooter Cut 'n Button Costumes Gift Set

Skooter, who was marketed as Skipper’s friend, was available in three hair colors; blonde, brunette, and titian.  She parted her hair down the middle and tied it with double ponytails and red ribbons.  The doll was available with either straight legs or bendable legs.   Skipper and Skooter were the exact same size, and could wear each other’s clothing.

This pretty gift set included only the straight-leg version of Skooter, who was dressed in her two-piece red and white swim-suit.
Bend-leg Skooter, Straight-leg Skipper, and Straight-leg Skooter
The set had three fabulous sew free clothing items:
Sailin' Blues:  a blue sun dress that was trimmed in red, with white polka dots and a sail boat design on the front skirt.

Sailin' Blues

Windbreaker:  a red coat with navy blue trim and blue buttons with built-in matching belt.


Windbreaker with leftover fabric

Granny Gown:  a long pink nightgown, with a matching night cap and pink slippers.

Granny Gown uncut

The set was advertised as “Fun for you to make without sewing a stitch!”  These clothes were put together in just two easy steps. 
1. Cut out the printed cloth.
2. Button together.  Now dress Skooter!
Instructions included with the set
Also included in the box were Skooters’ red flat shoes, comb and brush, as well as a fashion booklet, instruction book, and wire stand.  It originally retailed for $3.97.  Interestingly, you could buy the dolls individually for just a $1.00 less, $2.97.  For just a dollar more you would think everyone would have bought the set, but $1.00 was a more significant sum in 1966.
Since Cut ‘n Button Costumes set was only obtainable from Sears for one year, it’s another gift set that’s difficult to find intact in the original box.   
Happy Hunting!