Monday, February 5, 2018

Barbie of the Month: Barbie and Ken (Tennis) Gift Set

The #892 Barbie and Ken (Tennis) Gift Set is one of my favorites.  Interestingly, we all call it the “Barbie and Ken Tennis Gift Set”, but Mattel didn’t include the word “Tennis” in the name, although the picture on the box depicts the couple with their tennis racquets. 


The set was released in 1962 and 1963 only.  The early set came with a #750 flocked hair Ken and #850 Ponytail Barbie doll or #850 Bubblecut Barbie.  Later it could be found with a painted head Ken as well.

Ponytail Barbie and Flocked Hair Ken

This fabulous set included so much. Barbie in her red one-piece swim-suit and Ken in his red swim trunks and yellow towel, or red swim trunks and matching striped terry-cloth lined jacket.  Both dolls were placed in their plain white boxes, box liner (no top), black metal stands, and proper wrist tags. Ken wore cork sandals and Barbie sported her red open toe shoes and pearl earrings.  Barbie’s box included the blue 1962 Barbie and Ken booklet as well.

The clothing consisted of nearly the complete #941 Tennis Anyone ensemble: Jacket, socks, shoes, tennis book, sunglasses, tennis racquet, and tennis balls. The white tennis dress was replaced with a white scoop neck playsuit.  Ken had the complete #790 Time for Tennis ensemble: shirt, sweater jacket, shorts, socks, shoes, sunglasses, tennis racquet, and tennis balls.  Each tennis ensemble for Barbie and Ken include two tennis balls, but the gift set had a total of two.

This beautiful set also included Barbie’s pretty yellow silk sheath dress, orange gathered pak skirt, pink bra and panties, orange clutch purse, orange open toe heels, red wide pak belt, and pearl necklace.  Ken also had a pair of white undershorts, green corduroy pants, green socks, red and green sport shirt, and brown shoes with white tops.

The box is one of the bigger gift set boxes.  It measures 17 inches deep by 27 inches wide (for those of you wondering if you have room to showcase it!).  It has a blue liner to which the clothes are attached by white string.

End of box showing the stock number

The set was featured in the Mattel Catalog in 1962 and 1963.  It retailed for $15.00.  In 1962 and 1963 the Montgomery Ward catalog contained the set as well, but the box was replaced with a plastic doll carrying case.  The retail price for that set was 13.77, or $10.99 without the case. 

1962 and 1963 pictures of the set in the Montgomery Ward Catalog

This is a very difficult set to find, both complete in the box or the box alone!  It’s such a treasure once you acquire it.

Happy Hunting!

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