Thursday, September 6, 2018

Barbie of the Month: Pep Rally Gift Set

With fall approaching and football season already in full swing, the perfect gift set to showcase this month is Barbie Midge & Ken Pep Rally Gift set, stock #1022".

This fabulous gift set didn't come with dolls, but included three complete outfits for football season and a booklet.  #875 Drum Majorette, #876 Cheerleader and #775 Drum Majorette.  Barbie, Ken, and Midge were set for the big game!

The set was released in 1965.  The big square box that the set comes in measures 16 1/2 x 14 inches.  The box is marked:  ©1964 Mattel, Inc., Hawthorne, California, USA  / Costumes imported from Japan. / Printed in U.S.A.

The sides of the box

Barbie wore a red and white drum majorette ensemble, which included a white skirt, red jacket trimmed in gold and silver, sheer tights, plush hat, white boots, white gloves, and she carried a gold baton. Ken wore a matching drum major ensemble. His included a plush hat, red trousers with a white stripe on the side, white jacket with gold and silver trim, white shoes and socks, and he carried a gold baton as well.  Midge was the cheerleader.  Her outfit includes a full red skirt and white sweater, emblazoned with the letter M.  She also wore white socks, red shoes, and carried red and white pompoms, and carried a megaphone for cheering.

This darling set retailed for $5.97 in the Sears catalog, but the ensembles could also be purchased separately, which would be at a slightly higher cost of $7.04.

A year earlier, 1964, the #1014 Barbie, Ken and Midge on Parade was released.  This is the same set as the Pep Rally Gift Set, but it included all three dolls; Barbie, Ken, and Midge.  The set is shown in the 1964 Mattel catalog, but it was not available in either the Sears or Penney's catalog that year. 

Mattel Catalog:  Notice the word "NEW"
The first picture is from 1964 and the second picture is from 1965

Interestingly, I did see the #1022 Barbie, Midge, and Ken Pep Rally Gift set" listed in the Sears Catalog in 1964 with a retail price of $5.87, but it was not in the Mattel catalog that year.  

Since the Pep Rally Gift set was "new" in 1965, why would it be in the Sears catalog in 1964?  I'm thinking it was a printing error and the Barbie, Ken and Midge on Parade was supposed to be the one featured in 1964.  But anything is possible in Barbieland!

These were taken from the 1964 and 1965 Sears Catalog.

I love the gifts sets, and love collecting them.  I hope you find some for your collection too!

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