Saturday, September 7, 2013

Totally Hair Barbie

The other day I was reminiscing as I was going through some of my daughters old Barbie dolls, which were neatly stored away (at my house!) all these years.  Being the organized child that she is, each one of her dolls were precisely dressed in his or her original outfit, just as she had received them, probably on Christmas morning or on her birthday.

To my surprise, she had the one doll from 1992 that I wanted to photograph for my web site. This pretty doll had crimped extra-long blonde hair that stretched all the way to her heels. She came in the trendiest multi-colored neon micro-mini dress, complete with a pink belt, pink shoes, pink earrings, and a matching hair ribbon.  She even came with five hair accessories and her own “Dep” styling gel.  And yes, I even found the gel! 

My Daughters Totally Hair Barbie (1992)

Are you scratching your head wondering what makes this doll so special, and why I would want to photograph her for my vintage Barbie site? 
Well…twenty-one years ago Mattel keyed in on what little girls wanted to see in a teen-age fashion doll.  Totally Hair Barbie (who was also available as a brunette and in a black version) became their top selling Barbie doll of all time.
1992 Totally Hair Barbie Dolls


She was released in the early part of 1992.  By summer Mattel projected ten million in sales during the first year, with ten percent of Barbie sales coming from this doll alone, and expected one billion in overall Barbie sales.
She was the must-have doll of the Christmas season.  She retailed for $11.99 in the 1992 Sears Christmas Catalog.  Mattel heavily advertised this totally hot, totally cool doll on television and with print ads. Even though they didn’t quite make their projections, she was still the highest selling Barbie doll in history.  There were over ten million sold worldwide between 1992 and 1995. 
There were other Totally Hair Barbie dolls in the line; Totally Hair Ken, Totally Hair Skipper, and Totally Hair Courtney, as well as the rare and very hard to find European dolls that are named Ultra Hair, rather than Totally Hair.  There is Ultra Hair Whitney, which uses the pretty Steffie face mold, and Ultra Hair Barbie. 

Ultra Hair Whitney with the
Pretty Steffie Face

Ultra Whitney Box Flap. 
Front of the box Says
Ultra Hair Barbie
Totally Hair Skipper, Courtney, and Ken
Next time you go to my website be sure to click on Trivia, and you will find this blonde bombshell’s photograph!


  1. Hello from Spain: when I was little I loved this Barbie with long hair. I really like this doll. Keep in touch

  2. Hello from Russia!
    I might be of the one age with your daughter! I love Totally Hair Barbie... Its my little dream...

  3. Hello from Hungary. This doll was my favorite!

  4. Hello from America. I love Totally Hair Barbie, it's been my dream to get one. I just hope some day I can get her. She is the most beautiful barbie I have ever seen and I love barbie's with super long hair like Glitter Hair Barbie, Cut and Style Hair barbie, and Hollywood Hair Barbie. It's been my dream to collect them all.

    1. I have the Totally Hair Barbie (Brunette), doll is mint and the box is good. Never removed from box. I am selling all my Barbie Collection.

    2. Ciao, io la sto cercando con scatola e mai rimossa. Mi faresti sapere se ancora la vendi o se ne hai altre? Grazie mille

  5. I love totally hair Barbie!!!! I have both the blond and brunette still in their boxes, I also have 3 blonds out of their boxes and 2 brunettes out of their boxes!!! I recently received their hair and all of them out of their boxes, their hair looks like it did when they were brand new!!! I love them as they are my favorite Barbie from the 90's!!!

  6. I have the Totally Hair Barbie (Brunette). I am selling all my Barbie Collection. I will sell this one for $40. She has never been removed from box and the box is good, doll is mint condition.


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