Saturday, March 1, 2014

Barbie of the Month: Sweet 16 Barbie Doll

In 1974 the Sweet 16 Barbie Doll (stock number 7796) was released to commemorate Barbie’s 16th birthday that was coming up on March 9, 1975. 
For only two years was this pretty blonde Barbie, with a longer blonde style shag haircut and pretty blue eyes with painted on eyelashes, on store shelves.

#7796 Sweet 16 Barbie Doll
The first dolls available were bundled in a special promotional packaging that included an extra set of clothing.  Barbie came dressed in a long pink dotted Swiss dress, wore white square closed-toe shoes, and carried a pink make-up compact case.  Included in the box was a brush, comb, 2 applicators ‘n sponges, 4 barrettes, and 2 label sheets.  Her additional promotional ensemble consisted of longer style jean shorts and a yellow tank top with a large number 16 printed on the front of the shirt.  She is marked © 1966 Mattel, Inc. U.S. & Foreign Patented Other Pat's. Pending Made in Taiwan. 

#7796 Sweet 16 Promotional Barbie
Only the early promotional and regular packaged Sweet 16's came with wrist tags.  The later dolls did not have them.
Later Packaged doll
without a wrist tag
This girly girl came with cosmetics.  By pressing a label on to a barrette, comb, or hairbrush, a sweet fragrance would be released onto the item and could either be placed or brushed into her hair.  By using the sponge over the blusher you could add color to her cheeks, which easily washed off with soap and water.

Shown: white square close-toe shoes, yellow comb and brush,
pressing labels, pink compact which has the two blushers
colors in the bottom portion of the compact when opened.
In the lid there are two sponges for the applicators (not shown).

Girls who purchased this doll could also be included in her birthday party by completing the “Barbie Surprise Birthday Present” coupon on the back of the box by May 1st, 1975.  In return they would receive a surprise present with special offers. 

Mail in Coupon on the Back of the box

There was also a mail order version available from Montgomery Ward.  This doll came in a brown mailing box marked 7796 with her correct accessories, but she did not wear a wrist tag.

Montgomery Ward
Sweet 16 Mail Order Box

My Sweet 16 doll originally sold for $5.87 but was reduced to $2.99.
Happy Hunting!


  1. Hi Marie! I really liked reading the history of Barbie. It certainly is beautiful. I like her face and blonde hair. The dress is very cute. My wish me a gift without much for my birthday! A kiss from Spain!

  2. Hello from Spain: Fabulous photos. I love this vintage Barbie. Keep in touch

  3. what was the birthday surprise?

    1. That I don't know! Maybe someone else can help us out on that. : )

    2. Hi. The secret bithdy surprise was a pendant (Barbie cameo) and a pack of Trident chewing gum.

      I still have the pendant. I remember how excited I was to get something in the mail, being that I was just a little girl.

  4. This brought back all the sweet memories of opening this doll up when I was 11. I forgot about the makeup. I lost my tank top but finally found a replacement recently.

  5. I love to get her my husband won't let me I have a free moving Barbie and I love her soo muchy I have so many Barbie Doll's and I love them all I have almost 400 Barbie Doll's and I love them soo much

    1. I know exactly what you mean...I love all my Barbies and her friends...Every morning I sit and have my coffee with them and just look at them all behind thier glass cabinets, or rearrange them, I love adding new ones, old ones, even broken ones, who will soon be mended and be loved again.

  6. I have soon many Barbie Doll's and I love them doo much and I have about close to 400 Barbie Doll's Right now almost 300 and I love them a lot I'll be 53 on my next birthday

  7. I don't know if If I had that doll but I love what I got and I'm going to take good care of them

  8. Great post, I learnt a lot.
    I got this pretty girl at a flee market yesterday, ($2.00) I was confused as to whether she was "legit", the markings say as you mentioned Matel but, made in Tiawan. I've been under the impression that if it didn't say Japan it's not Matel.
    So glad I found your post...the most accurate info I've gotten in my search for who she is. Thankyou.


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