Sunday, December 1, 2013

Barbie of the Month: Midge’s Ensemble Gift Set

It’s December and a perfect month to feature one of the early gift sets; specifically Midge’s Ensemble Gift set stock #1012 from 1964.  The box is marked 1963, but the set wasn’t available until 1964.

#1012 Midge's Ensemble Gift Set

This colorful set is extremely hard to find intact with the box liner, all the clothing, doll stand, and doll.  There is also very little information on it in the Barbie world!

#1012 Midge's Ensemble Gift Set Complete (missing wrist tag)


The gift set includes a #860 straight-leg Midge doll with a flip hair-do and pink hang tag on her left arm.  There was also a black wire doll stand, clothing, and a fashion booklet in the box.  I’ve seen her available in the set with brunette and titian hair.  I’m sure she must have come with blonde too. What is interesting to me about this set is the brunette and titan dolls both wore a yellow swim suit with orange bottoms.  Dolls that were sold separately had a different color swim suit based on their hair color (blonde had a light blue top with darker blue bottoms, brunette had a pink top with red bottoms, and titian had a yellow top with orange bottoms).
The dolls in the set all wore
a orange and yellow swim suit

 The Dolls sold separately wore a different color
swim suit based on their hair color

This set came with a whole mix ‘n match knit wardrobe which included both a stripe and a solid pattern.  The striped colored clothing consisted of a long gathered sparkle knit skirt, a knit sheath slim skirt with elastic waist and matching wide sash featuring orange fringe on the ends, a straw hat with striped knit headband and attached striped scarf. There was also a striped knit clutch purse with button clasp.
The solid colored clothing comprised of blue knit pants and a blue knit top.  The set also included royal blue open toe heels and white open toe heels.

The clothes that were included in the box set were also sold separately in 1963 as Pak items, which are single items that were less expensive to purchase.  In 1964 a clothing ensemble, #1602 Knit Separates, was available. It included four items (blue knit skirt, striped top, gold pants, and blue shoes).  That ensemble is also part of this gift set.
#1602 Knit Separates

My set originally sold for $6.99 at Meier and Frank (but was marked down to $2.99).  Today, if you can even find it, you will certainly pay significantly more.  I also love that old familiar slogan written on the front of the box: “You Can Tell It’s Mattel…It’s Swell!” What a nostalgic reminder of the early days of the Barbie doll! 
Happy Hunting!


  1. Interesting read! Thorough and informative.

  2. It is very nice and you have done a very good work as usual. Kisses.

  3. Thank you both for your nice comments!

  4. How can i find out how much my barbie doll is worth ? Who buys them

    1. You can check eBay to compare your doll with other sellers that have a doll in similar condition.


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