Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Nice Comment & Funny Story

Here's a nice comment that Janey sent me back in July on the old Blog.  Thought I'd repost it!

From: Janey

Love your site, Marie! I enjoyed the reading about how your love for Barbie began. It is amazing to see how much they are worth now, compared to what they sold for back in the day. It truly brings back a lot of happy memories. While I didn't have Barbies as a child, my cousin Kathy did and since we were frequently together, I played with them often.

In reading the latest issue of "Reader's Digest" today, I found an amusing story you might enjoy. In the section @ Work, there were several humorous requests related by the cabin crew on Virgin Atlantic Airline. The one about Barbie was the funniest. "A woman in first class was wearing a tiny pink crop top and mint green miniskirt. She had also booked the seat next to her for her 'Barbie' doll, which was wearing the same outfit and was sitting upright with it's seat belt on. The woman then requested a cup of tea and a massage for the doll."

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